Using storytelling to create powerful and effective public relations + marketing


Years ago, I read a story in The New Yorker. It moved me and forced me to change my perspective. I decided then that I would spend everyday telling stories that afforded people the opportunity to feel, relate, and think the way The New Yorker story forced me to.

This passion for storytelling propelled me through a degree in communications, a stint as a newspaper editor and magazine contributor, and most recently a career in public relations and marketing. Over the years, I’ve gained invaluable experience telling stories to elevate awareness for brands, products, and personal profiles. With a focus on the technology space, I’ve developed ideas into cross-functional marketing campaigns that have earned coverage in notable media outlets and increased engagement across social media platforms.

My work is fueled by my drive and passion to tell interesting and compelling stories, and I’d love to help tell yours. Feel free to check out my work or drop me a line.


How I can help you:

  • Creative media campaign development
  • Media outreach and communications
  • Strategic event planning
  • Content creation (press releases, blog posts, media pitches, reports, speaking / award submissions, etc.)
  • Communications analytics and reporting
  • Social media management

Interested in working with me?